Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Next Best Thing

In my opinion social media is in fact the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. Social media has proven to advance and evolve in a very short period of time and has changed our lives in many ways. Some would consider social media to be a fad, however, I do not. Social media is never going to disappear, popular current networks used today such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc may not be around forever, but instead will be replaced with “the next best thing”.

Social media is utilized by all kinds of people and for many different purposes. It has changed the way we connect with people, gain knowledge, and even voice our opinions. Although their are negative impacts of social media, the benefits are endless.

As we grow older, our childhood friends no longer live next door. Peoples lives get busier, jobs may take them elsewhere, and we separate in hopes to stay in touch; we can thank social media for making this possible. Networks such as Skype make communicating from miles away almost seem like you’re sitting next to the person. Facebook allows you to see and hear about every trip, birthday party, and even test they had before they have a chance to tell you about it. How many of you experience a friend telling you a story that you have already heard about, because you saw it on Facebook?

Another benefit is that businesses are now utilizing social media networks in order to further their business and reach out to the consumer. Many companies are entering the social media world, recognizing that there are more people logging into Facebook, than reading a newspaper.

Social media is more accessible, and used to gain knowledge easier. This has resulted in teenagers being more involved and aware of current events happening all around the world. It is also being used to “spread the word” and raise awareness for social issues. Often people will use Youtube to tell their story or to inform people about different world issues, for example bullying.

Social media is informative, easy to use, accessible, and most importantly fun. For these reasons and benefits stated, social media will therefore continue to evolve and change the way we communicate in our everyday lives. 


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  2. I agree when you say that social media is never going to disappear, but is going to be replaced by the next best thing. I also think it is thanks to social media such as Facebook and Skype that we can stay in contact with past friends and acquaintances’. I think it is helpful to have access to in many ways, since many younger people wouldn't take the time to sit down and read the newspaper, and get updated on current events in the world. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, like you mentioned are great ways to get well informed.

  3. It's also a great way to help out around the world to places that need it, such as natural disasters that ruined counties, to provide them with what they need such as money by simply "liking" something or a page.

  4. you are right at most extent that social media made easy to communicate with friends and also helpful in so many stuff. But i also saws many side effect like many of younger are addicted to social media. They are more serious about social media then their study. And they are often gets lower grade.According to me people should have to maintain their every stuff with social media.